Scadea Solutions | Telecommunications
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The business and revenue growth is bleak for Telecom companies from current levels, due to saturation and lack of new value creation. Unless new and disruptive value enablers form some kind of ecosystems addressing consumer and SMB market segments’ needs, the growth remains questionable.


5G still a big hope for the entire industry. While the data speeds and bandwidth are going to grow, the consumer spend will remain the same. New possibilities must be explored with this sudden and expanded bandwidth such as AR/VR/MR use cases and AI/machine learning adoption.


As a whole, the Telecom ecosystem is yet to spot the magical creation of new value with appropriate monetizable potential.

Scadea Practice Focus Areas


  1. Insightful Analytics to Business and Consumers
  2. Value-add opportunities to SMB businesses
  3. Emerging revenue opportunities in consumer homes

Use Cases

Delivering Monetizable Insights over the Network

Telcos are focused on retaining and enhancing customer loyalty and driving broader usage of their converged infrastructure for voice, data and network services. Having fine grained analytics across usage patterns becomes important in this context. APIs provide insight into usage and help create targeted solutions and loyalty programs. Telcos have taken the lead to enable APIs to the partner ecosystem with location, caller and network information services. These APIs are embedded into various B2C and B2B location aware services - Field Service applications and B2C applications like Uber make heavy use of these APIs. Cloud enabled VoIP services create the opportunity of new services in the Virtual Private Network market requiring a rich set of APIs.

Studying Consumer Behavior with Big Data

Behavioral Analytics plays a big role in media and communications. With access to data on consumer behavior, companies can learn what prompts a user to stick around longer, and learn more about their characteristics and purchasing habits. Mobile Phone companies use multiple indicators like sentiment analysis and billing to determine who the high value, long term customers are and work to keep them satisfied. Media companies need a 360-view of how frequently customers tune in, and for how long, and peak usage times. This drives features to improve stickiness and deliver differentiated offerings in the marketplace.

Using Communication Tools to connect Service & Social

Given that mobile technologies came from telecommunications and pervaded our everyday lives, the underlying protocols and communication tools are integral to mobile technologies.Twitter is the most famous social communication app based on the Short Messaging Service fabric from telecommunications. mobile calling, communication assistants are integral to mobile phone offerings.On the business offerings side, mobile Virtual Private Network offerings offer businesses features and controls for business services and networks.Media B2C applications for news and content consumption, with social networking features are the key entry points to mobile customer interactions and analytics.