Scadea Solutions | Public Services
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Public Services

Governments around the world face many complex issues and are constantly challenged to deliver public services in the most efficient way. Most of the infrastructure and technology is outdated and the sector needs significant refresh in the thought process and investment approach. Often times, the spend is too much for too little value.


Given high data sensitivity and large data sets, public sector systems need strong information governance and resilience. Increasingly, adoption of data-driven techniques and mindsets is driving the use of improved technology and statistical tools. The public sector still has some way to go in the full scale adoption of these tools and management practices.


Citizen engagement and transparency is the key theme in government, and government is facing increasing pressure to deal with issues of social welfare and equity. Demands on public sector spending are rising dramatically.


These factors are increasing the consumption of new Cloud, APIs and Big Data techniques and tools to address greater citizen engagement.

Scadea Practice Focus Areas


  1. OPRA and Transparency
  2. Public-Private Joint Initiatives, Open Data Initiatives
  3. Consolidated Channel for Public Access/Consumption

Use Cases

Optimizing Public Data

With a treasure trove of public data, local and national governments can increase tax collection compliance, optimize labor costs through employee and contractor productivity monitoring and increase transparency through timely publication of data and insights to improve citizenry.

Implementing Tools in the Field

Government field workers require work order management, inspection and field engagement tools on mobile and IoT enabled devices.Citizen services deployed to smartphones and mobile web are important for citizen engagement.Numerous new possibilities are on the horizon, such as: customer self service, citizen complaints and incident reporting, right for information act and mechanism for sending alerts across various topics (organized via channels).