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Driving Digital Transformation with S/4 HANA

Driving Digital Transformation with S/4 HANA requires a deep understanding of business process transformation. Enterprises are constantly re-thinking business models and propositions. At Scadea, we understand that moving to S/4 HANA is a foundational step in the Digital Transformation journey.


Along with S/4 HANA implementation expertise, we bring in other transformation capabilities like API Enablement for the new Digital API Economy; building new-age Mobile and AI driven applications.; all this from the “digital core” of S/4 HANA.


The journey to S/4 HANA is well under way: Since early 2013, the gap in functionality between legacy and S4/HANA versions is only increasing. Early adopters have already laid the foundation for Digital Transformation and are now consuming new innovations under the Leonardo initiative. In addition, the move to S/4 HANA Cloud has further accelerated the pace of innovation.

Scadea SAP Practice

We understand that every customer has a unique roadmap to adopt the transformation. Wherever you are on the map, we are here to help!

Where is your organization

in the S/4 HANA journey?

Legacy-to-S/4 HANA Cloud Migrations

Looking at a fresh installation of Cloud to move away from your legacy SAP or non-SAP implementation? Our team of fully trained SAP Consultants use SAP’s Activate Methodology to analyze business processes and identify gaps for migrations. Our experts use predefined migration templates and accelerators based on industry best practices. Experts who can simplify complex pre-existing configurations and legacy infrastructure.

Hybrid 2-tier Implementations

Increasingly the route of choice for organizations having on-premise legacy SAP implementations; our consultants help identify business processes that can be extracted and decentralized in HANA implementations.

SAP Legacy-to-HANA Migration

We understand that your data and business processes are the lifeline of your business, and we strive to gradually move them from your legacy to HANA, whether on-premise or in the Cloud.

S/4 HANA Integration Solutions

We realize that the true value of HANA is to drive your Digital Transformation journey; we provide both Process and Data integration options, with an emphasis on SAP API driven integration into your Systems and Applications.

Accelerating Digital Transformation

with your ERP core

We go beyond the S/4 HANA speak and provide a deep array of capabilities to accelerate your journey:

Cloud/PaaS Integrations

Connecting your S/4 HANA processes to various on-premise and Cloud applications.

API Enablement

We bring in a team of API Experts to jump-start an API program that can take advantage of the S/4 HANA implementation as and when processes are migrated.

Fiori Dashboard/Mobile Development

Native, Hybrid, and web application development, Fiori launch-pad and app customization.