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Native attorney questioning conduct of Transit Peace Officers

CALGARY (CityNews) – an lawyer that is indigenous to see or watch the arrest of a guy at a CTrain platform however it’s her very own therapy by officers who has her questioning their motives and actions.

A lawyer from Ontario, had just been called to the bar in Alberta on Feb. 26, Naomi Sayers.

That night, she came from the CTrain at City Hall around 10 p.m. When she witnessed the arrest of a native guy by Transit Peace Officers.

Being a indigenous girl by by herself, she stopped to see or watch just just just what she thought had been a rough discussion.

That’s when she ended up being approached because of the officers.

“The comfort officer roughing up the Indigenous guy noticed me, he seemed at me and I also said I’m just observing. One other officers peaked up. I stated I’m an attorney, I’m observing and maintained my distance. ”

Wow, simply witness #Calgary transportation comfort officers seriously roughing up a man that is indigenous the center of arresting them.