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Welcome to Scadea Solutions

Your Digital Transformation Partner

Headquartered in Princeton, NJ, our specialized strong teams of well experienced Technology Professionals are deployed all over the USA, Canada, Australia and India in Cloud ERP Enablement, API Management, Data Analytics, Mobile, and Social App Development complement your Digital Transformation goals and initiatives in projects execution and staff augmentation models.


Our robust recruitment engine, a large internal pool of technology resources, fine reach to our great database of excellent consultants, our core values of integrity and commitment are enabling outstanding Staffing Solutions, to successfully fulfill the Staffing Needs of our Direct Clients, System Integrators, MSPs and major Staffing Partners, making us a dependable, trusted and long term partner.


Who says ERP is a catalyst for digital transformation? We do! We have deep expertise in ERP implementations and recognize that moving data nimbly in and out of ERP systems is essential to the larger Digital Transformation ecosystem. Over the years we have successfully implemented on-premise and Cloud ERP systems to drive value-generating applications in the B2C and B2B ecosystem.

Digital Transformation is beyond a buzzword. Over the past few years, IT has moved from the back office to the front office with mobile, social business, cloud, and big data analytics as the pillars. In this new Digital environment, business leaders are faced with the challenge of  leveraging digital technologies together with organizational, operational, and business model innovation to develop new growth strategies.. Enterprises need to constantly reinvent their offerings in order to keep up with the rapidly evolving expectations of digital customers.


We understand that Digital Transformation is a customer-centric journey and not an end-state. In addition to trained experts in the Digital Transformation stack, we provide Design Think, and Prototyping services focusing on customer-centricity, to accelerate your Digital Transformation journey.









Rapid Change is the new Constant

Enterprises need to constantly reinvent their offerings in order to keep up with the rapidly evolving expectations of digital customers.


We understand that Digital Transformation is a customer-centric journey and not an end-state. Depending upon your needs, we offer the following built on a mix of customized solutions and service offerings:

  • Design Thinking

    Design Thinking

    We focus on designing many experiences while having the ability to constantly learn and adapt to the changing needs of customers.

  • Experiential Pilots

    Experiential Pilots

    Our user-centric pilots help understand how customers are engaging with a new technology, product or service.

  • Prototyping


    We enable faster go-to-market, using an iterative approach to deploying Minimum Viable Offerings that are constantly improved via customer feedback.

  • Stack Implementation and Operationalization

    Stack Fulfillment

    We have a ready team of certified professionals for installation, implementation, integration, and ongoing operational services.

Digital Services


At Scadea, we understand that Digital Transformation is about deriving data insights - Business Process, Supply Chain and Operational data. Harnessing ERP data is pivotal to streamlining processes, creating new services, and increasing collaboration - leading to productivity and revenue growth.

API Development & Management

Enterprises that do not expose APIs in today’s business environment bear a stark resemblance to companies that did not have websites during the Internet boom. APIs are the core of Digital Transformation strategy, and may be viewed as the links that connect a sound Digital Supply Chain.

Legacy to Cloud

Migrations are complex, due to the number and kinds of workloads, and the number of transformations entailed. Even as enterprises pivot to a cloud-first approach, the legacy world is trapped and remains in on-premises datacenters. The huge investment in time and budget to migrate these workloads to the cloud, is a significant barrier to migration.

Analytics &

Analytics is at the core of IoT as they support the decision-making process in operations that are created in business transformation and digital business programs. Managing and storing high velocity IoT data in an efficient and timely manner requires specialized systems & algorithms. With the advent of specialized Analytics cloud platforms, this is becoming a reality for Enterprise uptake.

Big Data &
AI Enablement

Big Data processes data at high volumes and velocity, to generate new insights in real-time, making businesses more competitive. Social data, IoT sensor data and microservices when combined with traditional business data in Enterprises, creates new actionable insights, until now unavailable to business.

Application Development

Mobile and Connected devices are benefiting from Cloud AI and Analytics, ushering in a new AI-first interaction pattern. Modern applications require special tools and considerations for successful deployments with pre-built AI driven analytics and mBaaS capabilities.

Industry Focus

Energy & Utilities

The E&U industry has to comply with ever-changing regulation and being capital intensive also needs to track federal and state incentives.

Financial Services

With ever-challenging innovation from FinTechs, staying nimble and relevant is a top priority for banks, but hardest part is overcoming inertia.


Information resides in silos across the Patient, Provider and Payer domains in Healthcare limiting the potential to make appropriate decisions in time.

Public Services

Most of the infrastructure and technology is outdated, while the sector needs significant refresh in the thought process and investment approach.

Retail & Supply Chain

With consumption patterns totally changing, not only the digital experience, but business processes too have gone through digital disruption.


The business and revenue growth is bleak for Telecom companies from the current levels, due to saturation and lack of new value creation.

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